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🔥 A massive DOUBLE $CREDI Burn Campaign is coming!

2023-08-21   |   by Carl Cohen   |   157

🤔 Do you remember the previous ones?

Up until now we've burnt more than 31 million $CREDI tokens. 

With the upcoming Module X Round 2 around the corner, and the surprise burn we have prepared for you, we are about to initiate a third and fourth $CREDI Burn Campaigns!

Don't forget that $CREDI is a deflationary token and it's total supply is only meant to go down.
The current Total $CREDI Supply is 968,573,880.00 and 494,573,879.60 of them are in circulation.

❗️You better get ready, because chances like this one do not come every day!

Disclaimer: A special limited stake is coming your way as well, so watch out for more info soon.

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