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We resolve the key challenges that DeFi and TradFi are facing today.

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Credefi connects crypto lenders with SME borrowers from the fiat economy

We resolve the key challenges that DeFi and TradFi are facing today. Тhe decoupling of DeFi has been a buzzword for a while, however, DeFi yields are inconsistent, fragile, and evaporate in bear markets. DeFi borrowers are speculative and fickle and cannot satisfy DeFi lending supply. SMEs are historically underserved by traditional banks and are borrowing consistently at high interest rates. There are not enough lenders to satisfy SME borrowing demand,pushing SMEs to alternative lending solutions. SMEs need reliable lending sources and DeFi needs reliable creditworthy borrowers, so Credefi brings them together in a win-win solution.

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Our Product

Portfolio Lending

Тhe CREDI token holders can lend stable coins to credit portfolios with risk profiles ranging from low to high risk. The platform will provide risk assessment and credit score data to lenders so they can take an informed investment decision. The credit portfolios will achieve APYs of 10% and higher depending on the risk appetite of the user.


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Project-based P2P lending

Credefi will take full advantage of the decentralized finance capabilities of the blockchain, with direct peer-2-peer finance, liberalizing the process of lending and borrowing by connecting the willing parties worldwide. In addition to the collateralized loans, Credefi platform will be able to provide zero-collateral loans on a case-by-case basis.

Trade finance

Credefi is aimed to combine traditional banking instruments with the aspect of decentralization, offering the full length of services to its customers. Credefi will introduce trade finance to its offered services. Lenders and borrowers will be able not only to meet in a deal but also to underwrite a Letter of Credit or a Letter of Guarantee, as well as factoring services.

Why Credefi


Our team is composed of international experts with strong management, financial and technical background.

Accredited financial institution

Our strategic partnership with an EU-accredited financial institution enables us to utilize real-world collaterals, easing the life of business borrowers.

High APY

We don’t do arbitrage between the lenders’ and the borrower’s agreed interest. The lenders are entitled to the entire interest of the facilities they finance.

Fair deals

We perform credit risk analysis on every application on our platform. We adjust our rating to the actual data. We help lenders and borrowers find the right balance.


We will implement 3-layer security for our platform lenders. It combines an in-house proprietary credit scoring, crypto and real-economy assets collateral, and Credefi’s security module.


In order to achieve a true decentralised decision making and autonomous lending platform, Credefi has designed a bridge between the current financial assessment tools and decentralised decision by the market participants.

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Yechuan (Charlie) Hu

Being a Managing Partner at LucidBlue Ventures and Head of Polygon China, Charlie has invaluable experience in the development of true crypto gems, exchanges, and VCs. The strategic advisory, insights, and knowledge he provides is invaluable to Credefi’s development and growth.

Hristo Piyankov


10+ years of experience in analytics, data science, machine learning, big data and AI with a background in finance. He was the CRM Analytics Director for one of the largest consumer finance companies on the largest consumer market in the world (China). Participated in several projects with successful IDOs.

Victor Larionov

Co-founder and CEO at Priority Token ( and Industry 4.0 Investment Bank ( - revolutionizing global fintech industry. Personally supervising off-market investment opportunities in tech industry and dealing with fellow investors. 15+ year background with major VCs in SG, HK and London.

Prof. Michael Sung

Prof. Sung is a technology venture builder and investor, founder of various companies in the high-tech industries ranging from AI and blockchain industries. He served in numerous advisory roles for the HK, Taiwan, and China governments on tech transfer, AI, blockchain, and fintech. Prof. Sung holds Ph.D. in EECS and financial engineering degree from MIT.

Naveed Yazdi

Naveed is a passionate and data-oriented professional, who has been actively researching and investing in the crypto space for over 5 years. Naveed thoroughly enjoys diving deep into technical topics and leads the Metrix Capital research team on the latest emerging trends in the space.

Our backers


SupraOracles is looking forward to strengthening Credefi’s capabilities through our oracle technology and evolving partnership. Solutions that allow DeFi to integrate with traditional finance are still very much in their infancy, and SupraOracles is thrilled to be working with a partner that understands this market as well.


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