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August Recap

2023-09-11   |   by   |   501

Unleashing Awesomeness While Others Chilled

Hey there, August achievers!

While most folks were soaking up the sun and sipping on lemonade, we were busy making waves. Here's a quick rundown of our August adventures:

1. Credefi Finance Platform V2 Unleashed: The moment you've all been waiting for – we dropped the bombshell known as Credefi Finance Platform V2.

2. $CREDI Makes Its Mark on Coinstore: We planted our flag on Coinstore, listing $CREDI for all to see.

3. OKX Wallet Joins the Party: The OKX Wallet strolled in, adding another layer of awesomeness to our Credefi Finance Platform V2.

4. BitMart Beckons $CREDI: BitMart couldn't resist the allure of $CREDI and welcomed it with open arms.
WalletConnect Wonders: 

5. We worked our magic to seamlessly integrate WalletConnect into Credefi Finance Platform V2.

6. XRPL Takes Center Stage: XRPL burst onto the scene, and guess what? All the platform's goodies are now at the fingertips of Gatehub EUR, Gatehub USD, and Bitstamp EUR stable coin enthusiasts.

We weren't just chilling; we were blazing trails and setting the stage for even bigger things. Keep those seatbelts fastened – the ride is only getting wilder!


Cheers to an epic August,
Team Credefi


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